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Ukraine launches investigation against Oleksiy Arestovych over statement about choking women

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Ukraine has launched an investigation against Oleksiy Arestovych, a former adviser to the head of the country's presidential office, according to a statement by Inna Sovsun, an MP in Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada, who reported Arestovych to the authorities. The cause for this investigation stems from comments made by Arestovych during a private seminar in late September, with video footage of the seminar later being shared on the Palaye (Ukr. Палає; literally “Burning”) YouTube channel.

“Tell me now, what do you usually want to do with these creatures? Strangle them. And strangle without letting go. At first, of course, you want to f*ck, and then, when you're fed up, or used to [her], or [got everything you want], then you want to strangle the f*ck out of them. Just strangle her so she'd never exist. And after that, you don't open your fingers for three years until you're guaranteed that you strangled her. With their nagging, the perpetual anxiety, their attempts at control, their attempts at castrating [you], not letting [you] in and so on. [...] Here’s a question: why can't you strangle them? Well, we’ll go to jail, but the pleasure we'll get? Think about it — [we’re talking about] long-term, long-term pleasure.”

“Today I received a reply from the police about the beginning of a pre-trial investigation,” Sovsun wrote. “Information was entered into the ERDR [Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations]. This means that now the police are obliged to conduct an investigation. I also have a response from the Prosecutor General that the case has been transferred to the Kyiv Prosecutor's Office.”

The case was launched based on a charge of «disseminating content inciting a cult of violence and cruelty.” The charge carries a potential sentence of up to three years in prison.

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