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Russian feminist activist found dead in Turkey, fiancé detained as prime suspect

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Russian feminist activist Anastasia Emelyanova, who went missing several days ago, has been found dead in the Turkish city of Erzurum. She had been living there since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

The development was reported in an Instagram post by Emelyanova’s friend Anastasia Polozkova. According to Polozkova, the girl's fiancé has been detained on suspicion of her murder.

Emelyanova, who emigrated to Turkey from Russia last year, had not been in contact since September 20. Polozkova added that it took some time before the police initiated a missing person's report.

“Now it's up to the [Russian] consul, the funeral parlor, etc. A lawyer for Nastya's mom in Turkey was provided free of charge by the wonderful Turkish feminists who help women in situations of violence.”

Anastasia Emelyanova was one of the hosts of the YouTube channel Feminists Explain (“Feministki Poyasnyaut'”) which published videos “about current women's issues in Russia and around the world.” According to Polozkova, the feminist activist “fought domestic violence and helped a lot of people.”

Cover photo: Anastasia Emelyanova's Facebook page

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