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17-year-old teenager in Moscow charged with “preparing terrorist act,” English-Russian dictionary confiscated from belongings

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Russia’s Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case against a 17-year-old teenager in Moscow for the alleged “preparation of a terrorist act.” The development was announced on the government agency’s official Telegram channel.

“The minor had the intent to commit a terrorist act by explosion and other actions. He studied the contents of Internet pages describing the method and procedure for the manufacture and use of improvised explosive devices, as well as maps of the location of gas pipeline network facilities in the Moscow region. After that, he purchased components for the manufacture of explosives, with the use of which he planned to carry out an explosion of a gas pipeline network facility,” the Investigative Committee said in its announcement.

The identity of the person in custody remains undisclosed.

A five-liter canister of glycerine, a package of river sand, a bag resembling sawdust, office rubber bands, and a cardboard box were among the items found during a search of the teenager's home.

A pocket-sized English-Russian dictionary and a package from a fascial massage gun can also be seen in the photo of items confiscated during the search.

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