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IStories: Putin issues orders to “eliminate” Prigozhin to prevent clashes in Moscow, Wagner PMC veterans await orders to take action

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To prevent potential conflicts in Moscow, Vladimir Putin has given explicit instructions to Russia's security forces to “eliminate” Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner Private Military Company, according to a report by investigative outlet Important Stories (IStories) citing a reliable source close to the Russian General Staff.

According to the source, the Russian military lacks the necessary resources to impede Prigozhin's forces from reaching Moscow. As a result, security forces are currently mobilizing various units in Russia not involved in the Ukrainian war, including Chechen formations, the National Guard (Rosgvardiya), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), and the Federal Security Service (FSB).

“Putin wants to avoid significant bloodshed, hence the primary objective is to surgically remove Prigozhin from the equation and sever his ties to the Wagner core, with the promise of amnesty for all the wrongdoing committed,” revealed the source.

Meanwhile, Wagner PMC veterans who express a desire to join Prigozhin's insurgency have been instructed to remain on standby in a state of full combat readiness. A mercenary who had participated in the Ukrainian conflict shared this information with “Important Stories.”

“We are awaiting an official order directly from our leader [Yevgeny Prigozhin]. The National Guard and the military have refused to carry out commands, and we have been instructed to be prepared for action. By midday, we anticipate receiving orders outlining our next steps.”

“Important Stories” also reports, citing a source in close proximity to the presidential administration, that the Kremlin initially attempted to negotiate with Prigozhin immediately after his rebellion was announced.

“He received a call from the Presidential Administration (not from Putin) offering him a way out, proposing to attribute all his communications to hacking and voice manipulation,” disclosed the informant. Prigozhin rejected the offer, prompting Putin to order initiating a criminal case against him and dealing with the situation in a decisive manner.

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