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Three highways blocked in Moscow region, “counterterrorist operation” in effect across Moscow and suburbs

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Three federal highways have been blocked in the Moscow region, according to an announcement made by the regional Ministry of Transport on Telegram. Earlier on June 24, a “counter-terrorist” regime was introduced in Moscow and the Moscow region due to the armed rebellion raised by Wagner Group head Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Traffic was restricted on three bridges across the Oka River:

  • on the 118th km of the M-4 “Don” highway;
  • at kilometer 115 of the M-5 “Ural” highway;
  • 103rd kilometer of the M-2 “Krym” (Crimea) highway.

The bridge across the Oka River on the Simferopol highway near Serpukhov is also blocked.

A local Telegram channel in the city of Serpukhov (99 km south of Moscow) reported that “a fully-fledged roadblock is unfolding” behind the bridge on the Simferopol highway. “On the bridge, the military are deploying barricades, machine guns, grenade launchers,” the channel wrote.

School graduations, which were supposed to take place today, have been cancelled in the city.

Highways have also been blocked in the Voronezh and Lipetsk regions.

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