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Russia’s State Duma allows mobilized soldiers and contract servicemen to be exempted from criminal liability

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The State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament, has passed a bill granting servicemen immunity from criminal liability for offenses of minor or moderate severity. The law concerns those who mobilized into the country’s armed forces, as well as servicemen under contract with Russia’s Ministry of Defense.

“It will be possible to be released from liability and expunge a criminal record after receiving a state award or dismissal from service (upon reaching the age limit for military service, for health reasons, etc.),” noted the State Duma’s website.

The law also permits the cancellation of suspended sentences.

The previous day, in amendments to the bill, MPs specified that immunity would not affect those suspected of inciting extremism and the illegal handling of nuclear materials. The law would also not apply to those who were found guilty of committing sexual crimes against minors, or were convicted for crimes relating to terrorism, hostage-taking, the organization of an illegal armed formation, treason, and extremism.

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