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Russian students assigned to assist in rebuilding occupied Mariupol

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Brigades of Russian university students will be sent to restore infrastructure in occupied Mariupol, according to a report by state-run news agency TASS citing an announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

According to Golikova, students were previously involved in restoring the Savur-Mohyla WWII memorial complex near the city of Snizhne in the so-called “DPR.”

“This year, more than 35 thousand students all over the country will undergo free vocational training programs in working professions. Thanks to mastering these programs, the students will work at Rosatom, Gazprom, Russian Railways and many other large companies in [Russia], and will be able to improve their professional skills and increase their earnings,” Golikova said.

The Russian student brigades’ official website claims it is a public organization engaged in “civic and patriotic education developing the creative and sporting potential of young people.”

Cover photo: A Mariupol street during the siege of the city in the course of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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