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Video from Putin's meeting with Mariupol residents with woman shouting “It's all a lie, it's for show” removed from Kremlin website

The We Can Explain project noticed the disappearance of a video clip from the Kremlin website, featuring Putin's meeting with Mariupol residents where a woman can be heard shouting off-screen, “It's all a lie, it's for show!”

The Kremlin website has released an edited version of the video that shows Putin's meeting with Mariupol residents. In the edited footage, the part where the woman shouts “It's all a lie, it's for show!” has been replaced with a different segment, where a local resident can be seen telling Putin “We are praying for you.”

According to official Kremlin statements, Putin visited occupied Mariupol on the night of 19 March, toured the city and met with local residents.

The Mariupol.Versus channel identified some of the people captured in the video with Putin. Readers of the Telegram channel identified some of them as local residents.

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