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St. Petersburg to spend $300,000 on Iranian “roadshow” with aim of boosting tourism

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Local authorities in St. Petersburg are planning on holding a roadshow in Iran with the aim of attracting Iranian tourists to the city. According to a contract listed on Russia’s government procurement website, the local government allocated 24.99 million roubles (close to $309,000) towards the organization of “presentation activities in road-show format.” The selected supplier will fulfil the contract for 24 million roubles ($297,000).

The bid was placed on behalf of the St. Petersburg’s City Tourist Information Bureau. As stated in the contract, the organizers of the tour will have to host “presentations of tourist programs and services of the St. Petersburg hospitality industry” in three Iranian cities: Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. The service is to be provided until the end of October 2023. Five companies competed for the contract, with a commission ultimately awarding the contract to the ProfMediaGroup agency.

Direct flights between St. Petersburg and Tehran were launched by Russia’s Nordwind Airlines on June 1.

According to the website of St. Petersburg’s City Tourist Information Bureau, a similar roadshow will be held in multiple cities in Kazakhstan this June.

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