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“Send us a location, we'll talk like men”: High-ranking Kadyrov associates demand face-to-face with Wagner chief Prigozhin

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Magomed Daudov, the Chairman of the Parliament of Chechnya, has claimed that Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin, created a “panic” among the Russians, offering to meet him for a “man to man” discussion of the situation on the front line.

“Our fighters also had problems, but that doesn't mean that a warrior should shout about them. In your statements you claim that someone should be shot. Words like those in World War II would have had you put against the wall immediately.
Don't forget, [Yevgeny] thanks to whom you have a private military company, planes, helicopters, MLRS systems, and so on – you also claim that you have the first army, and the [Ukrainians] have the second. If you go on at this rate, then nothing good will come [of it]. Give us a location, and at any time, in any place, we’ll meet you and discuss this man-to-man.”

On the same day, Chechen State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov published a video on his Telegram channel, in which he also asked Prigozhin for a face-to-face meeting to detail the tasks of the Chechen Akhmat unit. Delimkhanov recorded his appeal after Prigozhin claimed that he didn’t understand Akhmat’s role on the front line:

“If you don't understand something, you can get in touch with us at any time, give us a time and place. We'll explain to you what's unclear. That's one. Second, you've already become a blogger and you're screaming at the whole world that all we’ve got is problems. We all know how many you got killed in Bakhmut for 7-8 months. [...] Tell us the place: where, what, when – we'll see you. We'll solve any problem with you face to face. Enough already,” Delimkhanov says in the video.

Delimkhanov added that Prigozhin “shouldn't understand” Akhmat’s role in the first place, and mentioned the actions of Chechen special forces in Hostomel and Mariupol.

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