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Daughter of Russia’s Vympel Design Bureau chief lives in Florida and attends University of Miami, Navalny LIVE reports

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The Navalny LIVE team has published an investigation into the family of Nikolai Gusev, director of the Vympel Design Bureau, which designs and produces the missiles used by the Russian army in Ukraine, such as the Kh-29. Gusev's daughter lives in Florida and attends the University of Miami. Neither Gusev nor his family members have been subject to international sanctions.

20-year-old Natalia Guseva has lived in the US since 2021. Her apartment in Miami costs $3,500 a month, while a year of study at the University of Miami costs the family close to $60,000. Guseva drives a BMW, plays golf professionally and competes in tournaments around the world.

Gusev, who has run Vympel for the past 11 years, as well as his wife and stepdaughter, were found to own four vehicles: two Mercedes-Benz, a Jaguar, and a Rolls-Royce.

In May, the Navalny LIVE team released an investigation into the family of Boris Obnosov, head of the Tactical Missiles Corporation, of which the Vympel Design Bureau is a subsidiary. Obnosov's son-in-law, Rostislav Zorikov, was confirmed as the owner of a four-story home and a penthouse in Prague. Both properties are worth over €9 million ($9.7 million).

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