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Daria Trepova remanded to two months in custody, charged with terrorism following Vladlen Tatarsky killing

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Moscow's Basmanny District Court has granted the prosecution’s motion to remand Daria Trepova. The 26-year-old was recently detained on suspicion of organizing the explosion that killed propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin) in St. Petersburg on April 2. Trepova will remain in custody until June 2, 2023.

Earlier on April 4, Trepova was taken from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Footage from Domodedovo airport shows the woman in handcuffs, a hood and with a mask on her face being led by several police officers. Russia’s Investigative Committee has charged Trepova with “an act of terrorism committed by an organized group, resulting in the intentional death of [a person],” as well as “the unlawful carrying of explosive devices committed by an organized group.”

Daria Trepova, 26, was detained on April 3 in an apartment in St. Petersburg. The woman is accused of bringing a small statue stuffed with explosives to pro-war propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky's “creative evening” at a cafe on Universitetskaya Embankment on April 2. Trepova presented the figurine to Tatarsky, and soon afterwards an explosion occurred. The propagandist was killed in the blast, and more than 30 people were wounded.

Trepova's acquaintance Dmitry Kasintsev was detained in the same case. Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee has claimed that Tatarsky's murder had been orchestrated by Ukrainian special services “with the involvement of agents cooperating with [Alexei Navalny's] Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF).”

After she was detained, Trepova allegedly stated that she did not know about the explosives in the statue and that she had been set up.

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