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Navalny lost 7 kg and suffers from stomach pains; he is being sent to colony prison for six months straight from punishment cell

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Vadim Kobzev, the lawyer of political prisoner Alexei Navalny, says that Navalny's health problems have worsened. According to Kobzev, the problems started when Navalny, who had been suffering from a respiratory virus infection, was prescribed “huge doses” of antibiotics that were contraindicated for him. As a result, Navalny lost 7 kilograms and began having stomach pains.

On February 1, Navalny was released from the punishment cell, but, according to Kobzev, he was immediately transferred to the in-colony prison. He will be kept there for six months, which is the maximum possible term. During his stay in confinement, he will be allowed only one parcel and one short visit in six months. Navalny himself commented on the transfer:

“The main agony of prison is, of course, the inability to see the faces of your family, to talk to those you love. I have not had any visits in eight months, and yesterday I was told that I would be transferred to prison for the maximum possible period of six months. No visits are allowed there. That is, I will spend more than a year without visits. Even maniacs and serial killers who are serving a life sentence have the right to a visit, but not I.”

“These actions cannot be regarded other than as a clear strategy to ruin Navalny's health by any means. Obviously, this level of demonstrative lawlessness would not have been risked by the colony without instructions from Moscow,” Kobzev says.

Navalny contracted the acute respiratory infection he was treated for after an infected inmate had been placed in his cell. A letter demanding that Navalny be provided with medical care was signed by over 600 doctors.

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