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“Gave reasonable cause for jealousy”: Court in Kazakhstan sides with man who stabbed his wife

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A court in Kazakhstan’s Almaty has found 30-year-old Nikolai Vedenyapin guilty of stabbing his wife, but noted that the woman “gave the defendant a reasonable cause for jealousy,” reported local news outlet

“The victim, through her ambiguous behavior and attitude towards the witness, Khalitov A., gave the defendant (husband) a reasonable cause for jealousy, which prompted his unlawful behavior towards the victim,” read a court statement.

Nikolai Vedenyapin, 30, was sentenced to three years in prison. He was found guilty for the “intentional infliction of grievous harm to [one’s] health.” Vedenyapin pleaded guilty in court and said that he attacked his wife as she and her friend were holding private photo shoots in their home.

A forensic examination confirmed that Irina Vedenyapina received the following injuries: multiple penetrating stab wounds to the abdominal cavity with injuries to the left lobe of the liver and hepatoduodenal ligament, in addition to stab wounds to the neck with injuries to the larynx and esophagus.

Vedenyapin will serve his sentence in a medium security prison, and will have to pay out two million tenge (approximately $4,300) in compensation to the victim.

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