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Kremlin redirects doctors’ appeal on Navalny’s torture to Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service

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Russia’s Presidential Administration has responded to a letter from over 500 doctors who demanded that medical professionals be allowed to visit incarcerated opposition activist Alexei Navalny and that the prison stop sending him to a punishment cell.

The office, directly subordinate to Vladimir Putin, issued no reply regarding the issues mentioned in the appeal, and simply redirected the letter to the Federal Penitentiary Service – the agency responsible for Navalny’s condition.

The response from the presidential administration (made available to The Insider) said the following:

“Your appeal to the President of the Russian Federation was received in the form of an electronic document and registered under number 27-176. Since your statement does not contain information about the Federal Penitentiary Service reviewing your appeal, as the agency is responsible for resolving the issues raised in your letter, your appeal has been sent to the Federal Penitentiary Service to ensure that you receive an answer regarding the issues raised.”

Alexei Navalny fell ill with a respiratory infection after a sick prisoner was transferred to his cell. Following a public outcry and a collective appeal from over 500 doctors from across Russia, he was finally given antibiotics and hot water on January 12. The following day, Navalny was also examined by the head of a tuberculosis hospital.

Navalny practically never leaves the punishment cell – on December 31, Navalny was sent to a punishment cell for the tenth time. The current 15-day stint was justified by Navalny washing his face half an hour ahead of the official prison schedule.

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