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AFU blows up base of Russian FSB analysts in Melitopol, says city mayor Fedorov

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) destroyed an FSB analyst base in occupied Melitopol on December 10, reported the city’s Ukrainian mayor Ivan Fedorov at a Ukraine-Ukrinform briefing on December 12.

“We see that their air defenses didn't work. And now they panic. They don't understand what to do. Since yesterday morning, they've been busy moving their military groups to other places to try to hide them. I wouldn’t say that they’re running away – they’re relocating,” said Fedorov.

In total, he said, the AFU managed to destroy three Russian military facilities: a checkpoint in Novobohdanivka, the site of a logistical hub for Russian troops, a radar station for tracking air defense and air navigation targets, and a hotel and restaurant complex that housed FSB personnel responsible for analytics and maintaining databases.

The Russian-appointed head of the annexed Zaporizhzhia region, Yevgeny Balitsky, confirmed the strike on Melitopol. According to Balitsky, the attack targeted a recreation center “where people, civilians, and base personnel were having dinner on Saturday night,” killing two people and injuring ten.

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