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Artist Yulia Tsvetkova fully acquitted by Russian court

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Yulia Tsvetkova, an artist and activist from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, has finally been fully acquitted by a court in Russia, according to a post on her Telegram channel.

Previously, prosecutors had demanded that the artist serve a prison sentence of three years and two months.

In 2019, Tsvetkova was prosecuted for publishing body-positive drawings of the female body and was accused of distributing pornography.

  • Drawings by Tsvetkova read: "Real women have body fat and that's normal" and "Real women have their periods and that's normal"
  • The caption to this drawing by Yulia Tsvetkova reads: "A family is where there is love. Support LGBT+ families!"

The case was investigated for more than two years. During this time, Tsvetkova remained in pre-trial detention and under house arrest. The human rights center “Memorial” declared Tsvetkova a political prisoner.

Tsvetkova was acquitted in July this year, but the prosecutor's office appealed the decision.

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