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Israel agrees to provide arms to Ukraine. Sweden and Finland also provide military aid worth $287m and €55.6m

Israeli authorities have allowed NATO member states to provide Ukraine with weapons that contain components made in Israel, reported Haaretz journalist Yossi Melman. According to Melman, Israel has consented to Britain supplying Ukraine with weapons control systems and electro-optics containing Israeli components. The journalist notes that Tel-Aviv, which has so far maintained neutrality with regard to the war in Ukraine, made the decision at the request of the US President Joe Biden. Citing his own sources, Melman states that Israel will finance some of these supplies itself through intermediaries and intends to spend “millions of dollars” from its national budget.

The Swedish parliament has also approved a record $287 million in aid to Ukraine – the largest defense package from Sweden to date. The package includes air defense equipment, personal equipment and all-terrain vehicles, sighting devices, tents, and camouflage nets.

Finland will also provide a €160.4 million package of military aid to Ukraine. According to the country’s Ministry of Defense, this will be the 10th package of equipment and weapons which Finland will transfer for the needs of the AFU since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion.

The agreements for additional aid to Ukraine were signed following a missile crash in Poland on November 15 that killed two people. Mateusz Lachowski, a journalist for Polsat News in Ukraine, reported that the wreckage found in the Polish village of Przewodów was part of a Russian X-101 cruise missile. OSINT experts, meanwhile, have claimed that the wreckage looks like a part of the engine of the Soviet S-300 missile complex, based on their analysis of photos and videos. The missiles are in service with the Ukrainian air defense system.

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