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Kherson back under Ukrainian control, AFU units have entered the city, says Ukraine’s defense ministry

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The Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced that it had regained control of Kherson and appealed to the Russian military.

“Kherson is returning to Ukrainian control, AFU units are entering the city,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) announced.

“The retreat routes of the Russian occupants are within the Ukrainian army’s firing range. Any attempts to counteract the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be suppressed. Every Russian serviceman who resists will be destroyed. You have the only chance to avoid death – to surrender immediately,” the message reads.

The Ukrainian authorities promised Russian soldiers safety in the case of voluntary surrender, saying:

“We comply with the Geneva Conventions and guarantee prisoners of war food, medical care, and the possibility of your exchange for members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces held captive in the Russian Federation.”

The withdrawal of Russian troops from the right bank of the Dnipro river and from Kherson, which was captured in March, has opened up many opportunities for Ukraine, both logistically and militarily. In particular, new strike zones for HIMARS missiles are becoming clear – such as northern Crimea. Military experts recently spoke to The Insider about the strategic importance of Kherson and the possible further actions of the AFU.

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