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Wives of Russian draftees arrive at Ukrainian border and threaten to go to the front to rescue their husbands

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More than 20 relatives of mobilized Russians from Voronezh, Kursk and Belgorod regions came to a military unit in the border town of Valuiki in Belgorod on the night of November 9 and demanded to take their husbands, who came under fire in Makiivka, back to Russia, reports media outlet Verstka.

According to the relatives, the mobilized men are walking from the Luhansk village of Krasnorichenske in the direction of Valuyki (about 150 km). One of the women told Verstka that the men came under artillery fire near Makiivka – about 159 survivors from four brigades are currently trying to get back to their relatives and are carrying the wounded on their backs. All the men are attached to the “non-existent” unit 11097, their relatives say.

A video of a conversation between the women and the military in the unit in Valuyki was posted by the Telegram channel “Mobilizatsiya” (“Mobilization”). In the video, the men’s relatives ask that the draftees be taken to Russia by car, and if the military in Valuyki does not help, they are ready to go to the front line to rescue the soldiers themselves.

“I'm ready to tear them apart. They have to do something, they have to make a decision, they have to get them out of there. We want them to be taken out as they have a lot of wounded,” one of the women told Verstka.

On the morning of November 9, the “Mobilizatsiya” channel posted a video showing that no one from the military came out to the wives of the draftees who had been standing outside the Valuyki unit through the night.

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