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“I can’t and won’t be associated with a fascist country”: Tycoon Oleg Tinkov renounces Russian citizenship over war in Ukraine

Banking tycoon Oleg Tinkov has renounced his Russian citizenship, according to a now-deleted Instagram post. On October 31, Tinkov posted a photo depicting the certificate of renunciation of his Russian citizenship and said that he could not “look at all this and be associated with Putin's fascism.” He also stressed that if it were not for Vladimir Putin, there would be no conflict in the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” or “DPR.”

“I can't watch my former compatriots kill and loot peaceful people for nothing. I want to unsee it all, especially after what I had to go through in the last three years. There is only one life, and it is priceless. I hope more and more businessmen will follow me and stop working for fascism, give up their businesses and citizenship,» wrote the businessman, referencing his battle against leukemia.

Five businessmen have already renounced their Russian citizenship: Yuri Milner, Timur Turlov, Ruben Vardanyan, and Revolut co-founder Nikolai Storonsky. In mid-October, the father of the latter was included in Ukraine's sanctions lists as one of the directors of Gazprom.

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