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“There shouldn't be any Ukrainians.” 10 cannibalistic quotes by Krasovsky that didn't enrage Simonyan

RT has suspended cooperation with propagandist Anton Krasovsky after he said that Ukrainian children who believe Ukraine's territory is occupied by Russia should be “drowned in a river or burned alive.” “Anton Krasovsky's statement is wild and disgusting. Perhaps Anton will explain what temporary insanity caused it and how it came off his tongue. It is hard to believe that Krasovsky sincerely thought that children should be drowned,” wrote RT’s chief Margarita Simonyan.

Later it was reported that the Investigative Committee would be checking Krasovsky's words. The Insider recalls ten other comments made by Krasovsky during his stint with RT that didn't enrage the channel's management.

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Drowning Children in the Moika river

Krasovsky's scandalous and offensive remarks during his time with RT could be heard even before the war in Ukraine began. Moreover, Krasovsky had literally wanted to drown children in the Moika before, though in that instance he meant Russian children - those who opposed the government:

“Children are marching. They are screaming: “We are in power here.” <...> Be glad that it’s Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who is in power and not some asshole like myself. If I were in power, I would have tied everyone up and drowned them in the Moika right now, without any talk.”

“Soviet scum”

And here's how Krasovsky reacted emotionally to the empty shelves in stores when Russians were buying up food amid the pandemic:

“Why the f**k do you need macaroni, why can't you eat normal food! You f**king Soviet scum!”

The Ukrainian constitution

Krasovsky has repeatedly said that there should be no Ukraine at all, and he made such statements even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine (e.g., in January 2022):

“This country [Ukraine] should not exist. And we'll do everything we can to make sure it doesn't exist. And I’m f**king telling you, we'll burn your constitution right on Kreshchatik.”

Ukrainians and the Ukrainian language

And here is what Krasovsky said after the Russian invasion: “There should be no Ukrainians at all, and I emphasize, no Ukrainians at all. The Ukrainian language should be forbidden”.

The Russian intelligentsia

According to Krasovsky, “there is no class more disgusting, stupid, useless and arrogant than the Russian intelligentsia.”

“All these children of Soviet scoundrels with dachas in Kratovo and Valentinovka, who enroll at the Moscow State University using their connections and who smoke joints on the beach. With their hatred towards the people and their fear of them. Stay in your kishlaks until we bring the kishlaks back home.”

YouTube employees and gas

After YouTube began blocking state media channels for Russian audiences, Krasovsky made this statement:

“You’re f**king done for, mother**kers. And I would also arrest those whores who worked for Google and YouTube here.”

On the same day, Krasovsky advocated cutting off gas supplies to the West: “Just answer me one question: why aren't we cutting off gas to these c*nts? Why?!”

“Vinnitsa is not enough!”

Last July, Krasovsky published a post about his trip to eastern Ukraine saying with regret that “Vinnitsa is not enough.” The day before, Vinnitsa had been shelled by the Russian military. The artillery hit the city center, the Officers' House on Victory Square, as well as the neighboring consumer services center, which housed banks, a registry office, and a medical center. A few hours later it was reported that 23 people had been killed, including three children. One girl was reportedly 4 years old and the other two children were 6 and 7 years old.

“You thought I was in Crimea. But I was in Kherson and Kakhovka. I saw those crying people, who were left homeless, who lost everything. Vinnitsa is not enough! Not enough! I hope that the final decision will be made tomorrow. A real one, a military one,” Krasovsky wrote.

“Destroy that vile creature”

In August, Krasovsky called for the annihilation of Ilya Ponomarev along with the Meduza news portal, which published an interview with the politician:

“I'm calling on you guys to destroy that vile creature. Do it quickly. And, of course, by accident. And also the f**king Meduza if you can,” he wrote.


On the morning of October 10, Russia shelled the territory of Ukraine. Eighty-three rockets were fired at various cities, including Kyiv. Authorities said 11 people were killed and 87 injured. The deputy head of Zelensky's office issued a statement that Ukraine needed to be prepared for the consequences of the shelling, up to and including rolling blackouts.

In response, Krasovsky wrote: “Rather than rolling blackouts, we need total power and heat outages. Throughout their entire territory.”

Dancing in celebration of bombings of Ukraine

On the same day, Krasovsky (in addition to his happy message: “To say that I am happy is to say nothing at all”) published a video in which he danced on the balcony wearing a “Russian Army” pajamas and a cap with Z-symbols.

Margarita Simonyan, Krasovsky's boss, had similar emotions on that day: she posted messages on her social media pages about Russia’s retaliatory strikes and quoted Russian proverbs that, she believed, explained those strikes.

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