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Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Golikova's family home investigated by Navalny team up for sale in Portugal

The Portuguese home of Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova's family, which was a subject of an investigation by Alexei Navalny's team, has been put up for sale for €10 million in order to avoid its arrest, Georgy Alburov, a member of the investigation team, wrote on Twitter.

“Friends, I was so afraid to write this, but there is no way out - mistakes must be admitted. I want to apologize to Tatiana Golikova. This is the first time such a monstrous mistake has happened in the course of our work. Do you remember her Portuguese house, which we valued at 1.2 million euros? It turned out that we had criminally underestimated its value – by over a factor of eight! This house is now for sale (obviously, in order to avoid its arrest), and the owners have priced it at 10 million euros.”

Alburov also published photos of the house interiors. There is a hall, connected with a living room and a dining-room, with the total area of nearly 180 square meters. There are also several bedrooms in the government official's family house, a drawing room, which overlooks the ocean, a suite of rooms comprising a dressing room, a bathroom and a shower of about 100 square meters, an office, a gym, two kitchens, and a pond with a bridge in the courtyard.

On October 6 Alexei Navalny's team released an investigation into Golikova's family, stating that they own assets worth 50 billion rubles. The assets of the Deputy Prime Minister’s family (Golikova, her husband Viktor Khristenko and his son from previous marriage, Vladimir Khristenko) include an 1,800 square meter house near Moscow, five villas in Europe and several golf clubs. The investigators say the money was “earned” on vaccines for the Russians. Golikova’s stepson is the president of the pharmaceutical company Nanolek, which wins multimillion-dollar government contracts for vaccines. Strangely enough, all such vaccines are added to the vaccination calendar, so that hospitals all over the country are required to buy them.

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