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Russian deputy prime minister buys 5 villas and golf clubs in Europe with $830 million stolen vaccine money, Team Navalny reports

The family of Tatyana Golikova, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation for Social Policy, owns assets worth around $830 million, as Alexei Navalny’s team of investigators discovered.

The list of real estate objects owned by the deputy prime minister’s family (Golikova herself, her husband Viktor Khristenko, and her stepson Vladimir Khristenko) features a house near Moscow with a floor area of 1,800 square meters, five villas in Europe, and several golf clubs. The investigators insist that she “earned” all this wealth by making vaccines for the national immunization campaign.

As they found out, Golikova's family owns a stake in Generium, the largest manufacturer of Russia’s main COVID-19 vaccine – Sputnik V.

The figure of $830 million is a conservative estimate, according to the investigation: “Most likely, it is the lowest possible amount, as it only reflects the assets we’ve been able to identify, attribute, and evaluate. The real number is way higher.”

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