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Russian mobilized soldier dies from heart attack during drills in Penza, marking 9th such fatality

The ninth case of a mobilized soldier dying before deployment to the combat zone has been reported in the Russian city of Penza. A man who had been called up to the armed forces had a fatal heart attack in the training range, reports the local publication PenzaInform.

The man is reported to have been 41 years old and to have had an infarction during training. The publication does not specify the man’s place of residence or his time of death.

The press service of the Governor of the Penza Region denied knowing anything about the incident.

So far, the media have reported at least nine such cases. October 4 saw the reports of the death of a mobilized Krasnoyarsk resident in a military unit in Omsk. The cause of his death is yet to be determined. As the wife of the deceased shared, no traces of alcohol or drugs had been detected in his body. She also says she has “reasons to believe he didn’t do it to himself”: “Dima was never suicidal. He’d never tried to kill himself. He's got two young children. When he was leaving, he was perfectly fine and planned to return safe and sound.”

On October 3 Baza and Astra reported that the body of a mobilized man had been found in Sverdlovsk Region. The preliminary cause of death was stated as suicide. Two cuts were discovered on his neck, and a razor blade was found nearby. In the Yelan Garrison (also Sverdlovsk Region), one of the called-up soldiers had a heart attack, and a comrade of his “abused alcohol and died from cirrhosis”. In Vladivostok, Sergei Fedoseenko, a 39-year-old long-haul truck driver who’d been mobilized, had his heart stopped at a police station after he was detained at the military enlistment office. Non-combat fatalities among the mobilized have also been registered in Kabardino-Balkaria, the Tyumen and the Novosibirsk regions.

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