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Whistleblowers try to make amends as alleged gay couple faces 20 years in jail, Baza reports

The whistleblowers who denounced a gay couple who allegedly had sex at a second-floor window are trying to withdraw their statement. The young men could go to prison for 20 years for being seen naked on a windowsill by children on the street. The children complained to their parents that the two boys were pouring water on each other and “doing something resembling sex.” The mother of one of the children thought her son “saw some perversion” and called the police, Baza reports.

During questioning, one of the detainees claimed that the children saw something else through the window. In fact, he and a friend had undressed to fix a pipe that had burst in the bathroom, so as not to get wet. They probably went to the window to dry off, Baza reports. In addition, the young men declared their heterosexual orientation. According to one of them, he has a girlfriend. The parents themselves said after the confrontation that both boys seemed to them “very adequate and nice.” According to a source, she now wants to “make amends” and “did not expect things to spiral out of control in this way.”

At present, the young men are accused of violent acts of sexual character aimed against children, in connection with which they face from 12 to 20 years in prison. Both men were sent to a pre-trial detention facility for two months.

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