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Baza: Gay couple from Moscow faces up to 20 years in prison for having sex allegedly seen by children

A gay couple from Moscow has been prosecuted under the article “Violent Acts of Sexual Character” after underage children living in the house next door allegedly saw them having sex, Baza reports.

According to Baza, the children reported what they had seen to their mother, and she complained to the police. As a result, Timur, 21, and Daniil, 22, were detained.

Part of the article, under which they are accused, refers to children under the age of fourteen, so they face from 12 to 20 years in prison, Baza writes.

In July, the Duma's Information Policy Committee began working on draft laws to ban the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships regardless of age. Head of the committee Khinshtein said: “Today such a ban concerns only children. Of course, it is clearly not enough.”

The law is expected to be considered in this fall.

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