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Father of Moskva sailor received his son's death certificate 110 days after his death

Dmitry Shkrebets, whose son Yegor was reported missing after the sinking of the cruiser Moskva, has received his son’s death certificate. According to the document, Yegor Shkrebets died on April 13. This refutes the initial report of the Ministry of Defense concerning the emergency on board the ship.

The first official report about the fire on the cruiser was posted on the TASS news feed on April 14. Citing the Defense Ministry, it said that “as a result of a fire on the missile cruiser Moskva, ammunition detonated. The ship has been seriously damaged. The crew has been fully evacuated.”

From the death certificate of the conscript Yegor Shkrebts it follows that by the time the news was published he was already dead. Since after the sinking of the cruiser he was on the list of those missing in action, one can safely rule out the evacuation of even his body.

According to the official report by the Defense Ministry, the cruiser sank on April 14 while being towed to port. The Defense Ministry claimed that one sailor died on the cruiser and 27 others were missing.

Kyiv reported that the cruiser was attacked by two Neptun anti-ship missiles. The Pentagon issued a similar report.

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