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Father of killed Moskva sailor says he had visitors «from serious agency» who took his laptop «for examination»

Dmitry Shkrebets, the father of the sailor Yegor Shkrebts who was killed on the Moskva cruiser, wrote on his VKontakte page he had visitors «from a serious agency» who took away his laptop «for examination by experts». According to Shkrebets, unnamed law enforcers claimed that «e-mail messages with bomb threats had been sent on his behalf to certain organizations.»

«Somebody wanted to portray me as a crazy terrorist... To neatly subject me to Article 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The pretext is absurd, I am even embarrassed for those serious, intelligent and really polite people who had to visit me because of such a dastardly fake. As they were leaving, they offered me condolences for the loss of my son, we shook hands,» Shkrebets wrote.

It's My Media contacted Shkrebets, but he refused to answer any follow-up questions about the identity of the persons who visited him or about the exact time of the visit. At the same time, Shkrebets did not deny the contents of his post.

Dmitry Shkrebets was one of the first to publicly disclose that his son Yegor Shkrebets, a conscript sailor serving on the cruiser Moskva, had been killed in the ship's wreck. The military prosecutor's office of the Black Sea Fleet denied it: officially, Shkrebets was «declared missing untraceably from the military unit.» The sailor's father accused the Russian Defense Ministry of lying about what happened to the ship, and his wife told The Insider she had visited the hospital in Rocky Bay, where the wounded from the cruiser had been brought. There were about 200 injured sailors, she said. In total, according to the mother of the missing sailor, there had been more than 500 sailors on the ship.

On April 13, the Ukrainian side said it had hit the Moskva with Neptun missiles. On April 14, the Russian Defense Ministry said the Moskva had been destroyed. Shortly before that, the ministry said that «the ammunition detonated» on the cruiser, as a result of which a fire broke out.

After the news of the sinking of the cruiser, the parents of Shkrebets and other conscripts began searching for information about the survivors and the dead. According to Irina Shkrebets, the sailor's mother, no one would receive them, and the unit commander refused to share information about Yegor.

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