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MK: Man denounced his wife over war criticism in Moscow region

A resident of the village of Gorki-1 (Moscow region) denounced his wife to the police because of her views on the war in Ukraine, MK reports.

According to the newspaper, the man “asked the police to take action” against his wife. He said she “expressed anti-Russian sentiments towards the “special military operation” and was turning their mutual child against the government.” The Police have launched an inquiry, MK notes.

In late June, the media reported a man in St. Petersburg having denounced an acquaintance of his for criticizing the war calling for his “re-education.” In May, the media reported a girl in Moscow having been detained at her workplace for wearing a Ukrainian ribbon following a denunciation by an employee of the business center where she came to work.

In Russia, thousands of administrative cases and dozens of criminal cases have been opened under the article on “fakes about the Russian army,” many of them as a result of denunciations. Earlier, The Insider interviewed Russians who were denounced for their anti-war stance by relatives, colleagues, and classmates.

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