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Kadyrov's children’s coach becomes Sports Minister of Chechnya

Valid Edilov has headed the Chechen Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports. The appointment was announced on the website of the head of the Chechen Republic. Edilov previously worked for three months as head of Kadyrov's secretariat and taught martial arts to the children of the republic's head, according to Kavkaz.Realii.

Edilov's predecessor, Musa Dadaev, was transferred to the post of deputy prime minister in charge of the activities of the culture, tourism, youth and sport ministries. He has also been an associate of Kadyrov since 2002.

Kavkaz.Realii says that “many” senior posts in the Chechen legislative and executive branches are held by people from among “Ramzan Kadyrov's fellow villagers, relatives and friends.” According to the publication, Kadyrov's children have been receiving appointments to senior posts from 2021.

The children of Ramzan Kadyrov, whom the new Sports Minister Edilov had trained, usually excel in competitions. For example, in April 2021 Ramzan Kadyrov's son Adam won a boxing match, but only after the fight was stopped in his favor for no reason at all. And on November 3 of the same year his brother Eli took part in one of the show fights during the Time of Legends boxing tournament - he scored an early third-round technical knockout victory over Khetag Khatkarov, a native of Stavropol.

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