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In Grozny kindergarten children were forced to pray for the Kadyrovites, otherwise they were threatened with expulsion

Residents of Grozny (Chechnya, Russia) say their children were threatened into praying for the Kadyrovites at the city's main mosque. Parents received a message from kindergartens saying participation in the 'flash mob' was obligatory throughout the republic; those who refused would be expelled from pre-schools, several sources told Kavkaz.Realii.

Earlier, a photo from the Grozny Mosque was posted to the 1ADAT Telegram channel, in which children dressed in white, blue and red suits lined up to form the image of the Russian flag.

«They said no kindergarten would accept our children. They emphasized it was not a threat, but merely information, and then we needed to decide for ourselves. Of course, I didn't let my sons go,» a resident of a village near Grozny told the publication.

Another woman said in an interview she had been forced to send her children to the Mosque. «The children were gathered to pray for the soldiers in Ukraine because, according to the Koran, Allah always answers children's prayers,» she explained.

The Chechen authorities have not commented on the report.

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