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At least 20 journalists killed in Ukraine since war began, Ukraine's National Union of Journalists reports

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine has reported 20 journalists have been killed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began. Several more have not been in touch for several days, but there's no exact data on their whereabouts.

The Union listed the names of the journalists that were killed, specifying only those made the list whose deaths had been confirmed by Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office:

  1. Pierre Zakrevsky
  2. Aleksandra Kuvshynova
  3. Aleksandr Lytkin
  4. Pavel Li
  5. Sergei Pushchenko
  6. Evgeny Sakun
  7. Brent Anthony Reno
  8. Oksana Baulina
  9. Dilerbek Shakirov
  10. Viktor Dedov
  11. Victor Dudar
  12. Liliya Gumyanova
  13. Yury Oleynik
  14. Oleg Yakunin
  15. Maxim Levin
  16. Mantas Kvedoravicius
  17. Sergei Zaikovsky
  18. Denis Kotenko
  19. Yevgeny Bal
  20. Roman Nezhiborets

One of the victims is Oksana Baulina, a journalist who worked for The Insider. She died under fire in Kiev while carrying out an editorial assignment. Oksana was filming the devastation caused by Russian troops shelling the Podil district of the capital and was hit by new rocket fire. Another civilian died with her (his name was not disclosed), two people accompanying her were wounded and hospitalized.

The death of the Ukrainian photographer and documentary filmmaker Maksim Levin was reported on April 1, when the police found his body near Kiev. He stopped getting in touch on March 13. According to Levyi Bereg, Levin, along with a military officer and former photographer Alexei Chernyshov, had traveled to Huta Mezhihirska to record the consequences of Russian aggression, whereafter contact was lost with both men. Later it was reported that intense hostilities had broken out in the area where he was supposed to work, during which he could have been injured or captured. Alexei Chernyshov's whereabouts remain unknown.

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