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Oksana Baulina reported killed in mortar fire, Ukrainian police opens murder case

The Insider's journalist Oksana Baulina has been reported killed in a mortar strike. Anton Herashchenko, advisor for the Ukrainian MIA, shares the details:

“A 120-mm shell was launched from the distance of about ten kilometers in the direction of Moshchun, a village near Gostomel. Two shells were targeting a checkpoint in the vicinity of the shopping mall where the journalist was killed in the parking lot. The strike resulted in another civilian death, and the policeman who was accompanying Oksana Baulina was heavily wounded.”

In an informal conversation with The Insider, intelligence officers suggested that the nature of the explosion may indicate the use of KUB-BLA, a Russian kamikaze drone. Kyiv’s missile defenses took down several such drones on March 23. The Insider is waiting on the final report.

The Prosecutor General's Office informs that their subdivision in the Podil district has launched an investigation following the deaths of Oksana Baulina and the other victim. The investigation is looking into “the instance of infringement of Ukraine's territorial integrity and inviolability”, which resulted in fatalities (Part 3, Art. 110 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code).

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