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Lithuania sanctions Russian propagandist Sheynin, arrests his Palanga apartment

Financial sanctions have been imposed in Lithuania against Russian propagandist and TV presenter Artyom Sheynin, LRT reports citing the Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FСIS).

The sanctions have been introduced with regard to the real estate owned by Sheynin and his wife in Lithuania: an apartment with a floor area of over 100 square meters in the Lithuanian resort Palanga, worth nearly 60,000 euros according to a 2014 estimate.

According to the FCIS, the current value of the apartment may be much higher. The property has been seized.

In early March, the real estate of another Russian propagandist, TV presented Vladimir Solovyov, was arrested in Italy. The real estate consists of two villas owned by Solovyov on Lake Como.

At the end of February, it was reported that the European Commission was setting up a special task force to search for assets of Russian citizens and companies under sanctions. It has already been joined by France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, and the USA. All the assets discovered by the task force will be frozen.

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