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40 dead a day in Chernihiv, evacuation bridge destroyed

The besieged city of Chernihiv buries around 40 of its residents a day, says Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko.

He also says the city has no electricity, running water, or central heating, with the supply of natural gas running critically low and all infrastructure destroyed.

The Russian military has been targeting healthcare institutions.

They also blew up the motorway bridge across the Desna, which had connected the city to Kyiv. The bridge had been used for humanitarian aid and evacuation of civilians. According to Suspilne, aerial bombs were dropped on the bridge, tearing down one of its spans.

Earlier, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine released photographs of search and rescue teams disarming unexploded ordnance in Chernihiv. One of their videos features what appears to be an OFZAB-500 – a Russian fragmentation high-explosive incendiary bomb. As the Conflict Intelligence Team points out, this bomb was detected in Chernihiv after the Russian SU-34 jet fighter went down on March 5. The analysts emphasize that international law does not differentiate between military and civilian targets when it comes to these explosives. Article 2.2 of Protocol III of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons expressly prohibits the use of air-delivered incendiary weapons for attacks on any military objectives located within a concentration of civilians.

Telegram post by the UNIAN (Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News): «Chernihiv: Russian troops bomb motorway bridge across the Desna, cutting city off from Kyiv. Aerial bombs dropped on the bridge, one of the spans down, Suspilne reports. Bridge had been used for humanitarian aid delivery and evacuation of civilians.»

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