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Russia's Channel One reported Putin's father killed while breaking Leningrad siege

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Russia's Channel One's evening news program featured a story by Alexei Korepanov about the opening of the international forum “No Statute of Limitations. Genocide of the Soviet People by the Nazis and Their Abettors during the Great Patriotic War: Historical Reflection and Judicial Practice”, which coincided with the anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials. The new report included a fragment of Vladimir Putin's speech, preceded by a crawling message at the bottom of the screen saying:

“This was also mentioned by President Vladimir Putin, whose father had been killed on the Neva Patch breaking the line of the enemy siege.”

SOTA journalists drew attention to the message, writing about it on Twitter. In fact, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, as the decree awarding him the medal “For Battle Merit said, “received a severe shrapnel wound of the left shin and foot on November 17, 1941 at the Neva Patch.” His son Vladimir was born in 1952.

On Channel One’s website the crawling message has been corrected, the death of Vladimir Putin Sr. is no longer mentioned. The version of the report which aired later as part of the Vremya program got rid of the crawling message and added a voice-over narration about the serious wound.

The man we see in the screenshot is Ivan Melnikov, a former Nazi concentration camp prisoner; he has nothing to do with the statement about the “death” of Putin's father on the Neva Patch.

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