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Russia strikes Odesa, hitting national museum on its 124th anniversary, fires record number of aerial bombs at Kherson

On November 6, Russia delivered yet another airstrike on Odesa, wounding eight people, of whom five were hospitalized, as stated by the Governor of Odesa Oblast Oleh Kiper. According to Kiper, the adversary was targeting Odesa's port infrastructure. The strikes were carried out with Shahed-131/136 drones. South Ukraine Defense Forces also reported that, aside from drones, Russia used Onyx and Iskander missiles.

The Odesa National Fine Arts Museum, which is located next to the port, was also damaged. Incidentally, today is the museum's 124th anniversary. During Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the establishment came under fire in July 2022, when strikes also hit Odesa’s port. Museum staff are currently assessing the damage to exhibitions and art objects.

Furthermore, Kherson also survived a Russian strike on the night of November 6. Four high-rise buildings were damaged. No wounded were reported. At around three in the morning, another strike shook Kherson, damaging two private houses. Finally, the night saw 12 Russian airstrikes on the village of Krynky and the city of Beryslav.

As stated by Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko, 87 aerial bombs were dropped on Beryslav and the Kherson Region overnight, setting another grim record in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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