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Ukraine reports 50 killed in missile strike on Hroza, Kharkiv Region

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reported “at least 48 casualties” resulting from the Russian Army’s missile strike on the village of Hroza, Kharkiv Region. Andrii Yermak, the head of Zelensky’s Presidential Office, reported 48 killed. The Prosecutor General’s Office released an update: 49 killed, seven wounded.

The missile hit a grocery store.

The Russian side has not commented on the accusations of targeting civilian facilities.

Updated 17:02: When the missile went off in the village of Hroza in Kupiansk District, locals had gathered in a cafe for a funeral reception, according to Ihor Klymenko, Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affairs. “There was a funeral feast in honor of a deceased village resident. The village has a population of 300, and each household sent a representative to the ceremony,” said Klymenko in a live broadcast on national television.

Updated 17:30: Ihor Klymenko has reported that the death toll now stands at 50. According to him, preliminary data suggest it was an Iskander strike.

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