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Alexei Navalny begins 18th stint in punishment cell

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The administration of Penal Colony No. 6, where Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is serving his years-long prison sentence, has sent him to a punishment cell for the 18th time. As the Navalny team reports, the politician will be confined there for another 14 days.

His previous incarceration in the cell ended on August 4, when he was handed the sentence in the “extremism” case. This brings his total term in the punishment cell in 2023 to 207 days.

On August 4, Navalny, who is already serving a nine-year term, was sentenced to another 19 years behind bars. He will have to serve the new term in one of Russia's “special-regime” prisons, known for their particularly harsh and oppressive conditions.

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