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Whistleblower deported by Poland: former FSB agent, who exposed staged terror in Caucasus, sent back to Russia and faces imprisonment

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Polish authorities have deported a former FSB officer, Emran Navruzbekov, to Russia, where he could face a lengthy prison term, according to a report from the publication Vot Tak citing Navruzbekov himself, who was at the Russian border checkpoint when he spoke to the media outlet.

Previously, in an interview with, Navruzbekov had claimed that the FSB staged “controlled terrorist acts” in the North Caucasus, staged operations to supposedly eliminate terrorists, planted drugs and weapons on suspects, and fabricated criminal cases. Navruzbekov claimed that he gave the head of, Vladimir Osechkin, 500 files with classified information to submit to the Hague Tribunal.

Navruzbekov fled to Poland via Belarus in 2017 after the FSB's leadership planned to send him to Turkey to begin the surveillance of opposition activists from the North Caucasus who had emigrated from Russia. In Poland, Navruzbekov was held in a refugee camp, but his requests for protection were repeatedly rejected.

Polish authorities eventually granted asylum to his wife and children, while Navruzbekov was detained on May 17 for his alleged aggressive behavior towards Polish border guards, which Navruzbekov denied.

A Polish court ruled to deport him from the country and ban him from entering the EU for 10 years, citing, among other reasons, the fact that Navruzbekov posed a threat to the country's security.

Navruzbekov was deported in spite of an urgent complaint to the ECHR against the court's deportation ruling, commented lawyer Karinna Moskalenko.

According to Navruzbekov's wife, Irina, her husband was deported before a Polish court considered the appeal against the decision. Vot Tak reported that at the time the article was published on June 6, Navruzbekov was not answering his phone and the publication's journalists had lost contact with him.

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