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Kremlin says Ukraine attacked Putin's residence with drones

The Kremlin press service says that on the night of May 3 Ukraine attempted launching a drone strike on Vladimir Putin's Kremlin residence.

According to the report, two drones targeted the Kremlin. The Kremlin called the act a planned terrorist attack and an assassination attempt on the president.

“As a result of timely actions taken by the military and the special services using radar control systems, the devices were disabled,” the statement says. Putin himself is said to be unharmed, his work schedule unchanged.

“The Russian side reserves the right to retaliate where and when it sees fit,” RIA Novosti quotes the Kremlin press service as saying.

In a simultaneous statement, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin says drone launches have been banned in Moscow since May 3, with the only exception being the ones permitted by the authorities.

Earlier Moscow-based Telegram-channels reported two explosions were heard near the Kremlin on the night of May 3. Residents of the House on the Embankment said they saw sparks in the sky and people with torchlights near the Kremlin wall.

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