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Father of schoolgirl who drew anti-war drawing detained in Tula region, daughter sent to shelter

The father of a schoolgirl from Tula Region who had drawn an anti-war picture attracting the scrutiny of authorities was arrested for “discrediting the army”, and the girl was collected by social services for placement in an orphanage, according to OVD-Info.

Last April, sixth-grader Masha from the town of Yelets drew an anti-war picture at an art class. Upon seeing the drawing, her teacher went to the school principal, who then notified the police. Later, Masha's father, Alexei, was charged with “discrediting the army” for his comment on social media and was fined by the court. On the following day, FSB agents came to Masha's school and had a conversation with Alexei, threatening to arrest him and take the child away if he did not reconsider his approach to parenting. After that, the girl stopped attending classes, fearful that the police would show up again.

In December, Alexei was again accused of “discrediting the army” and was interrogated once more. According to the man, during the questioning, the FSB agents hit his head against the wall,pushed him to the floor, and locked him in a room for more than two hours while playing the Russian national anthem at full volume. After this incident, the father took Masha and fled to the town of Uzlovaya.

Today, Alexei was again arrested on his way to work and brought home, where his daughter was. The girl was informed that her father was being taken to the police station and that social services would come get her. Eventually, Alexei was taken to the Investigative Committee, and Masha was sent to an orphanage. Alexei has been raising his daughter alone since she was three years old. If he is goes to jail, his right to child custody may be revoked.

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