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In three days, Russia lost over 100 vehicles, including 36 tanks, in attacks on Avdiivka and Vuhledar — Oryx

Russia lost 103 vehicles, including 36 tanks, during the three days of the offensive on Avdiivka and Vuhledar. The losses for February 8-10 have been calculated by the Dutch OSINT defense analysis website Oryx.

According to Oryx, Ukraine lost 20 vehicles over the same period, including two tanks. Thus, by the evening of February 10 the ratio of losses was about 5:1. The overall ratio of Russian and Ukrainian losses of equipment is 9,189 to 2,941, or 3.12 to 1, according to Oryx.

Earlier, Oryx reported that Russia had lost 1,688 tanks since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, with 1,000 Russian tanks destroyed at the front, 544 captured by AFU fighters, 79 damaged, and another 65 abandoned by the military on the battlefield. According to the analysts, Russia may have lost up to half of its tank fleet. Oryx military analyst Jakub Janovsky said that the actual tank losses might reach two thousand units.

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