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Dozens of Russian tanks and BMPs smashed at Vuhledar

According to Ukrainian Telegram channels and the Grey Zone channel linked to the Wagner PMC, a Russian convoy of over 30 tanks, BMPs, and MT-LB vehicles has been destroyed near the town of Vuhledar. The reports have been confirmed by OSINT researchers and former commander of the “DNR” forces, Igor Strelkov.

The 155th brigade of the Pacific Fleet marines was reportedly involved in the incident. OSINT researcher Rob Lee stated that 31 armored vehicles were destroyed, including 15 tanks (T-72B3 and T-80BVM).

Igor Strelkov, former “DNR defense minister”, expressed disappointment in the defeat at Vuhledar, calling Russian generals “complete morons”.

“I’m of the impression that our generals ignored all the events of the past year. However, as some of them are complete morons (at least from the moment they entered military schools) - all mistakes that had been made before were repeated in an exemplary manner. <...> Part of the equipment was destroyed by antitank guided missiles (launched from high-rise buildings in Vuhledar), part of it was destroyed by the enemy's artillery, firing with exceptional accuracy. More than 30 armored vehicles were lost (I will not give a breakdown by types), there were dozens of casualties among tank crews alone. Losses among marines, commandos and motorized riflemen were even heavier. And, most importantly, all these losses were “one-sided” - the Ukrainians were firing at the attackers “like in a shooting gallery”, our fighters were unable to inflict similar losses on them”.

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