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Anarchist activist Denis Kozak detained in Kazakhstan on Russia’s request over social media comment

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Denis Kozak, an anarchist, was detained in Kazakhstan following a request from Russian authorities, human rights activist Ivan Astashin told The Insider, citing friends of the detainee. Kozak was prosecuted in Russia for “justifying terrorism” over his comments on social media.

Kozak managed to inform his friends about his arrest in Kazakhstan. According to their information, he was taken to the Department of Criminal Police in Almaty.

Russia previously placed Kozak on an international wanted list, likely leading to his arrest.

Russia’s case against the anarchist was initiated in June 2022 following Kozak’s comment on social media network VK on the Arkhangelsk FSB office bombing in 2018. The bombing was carried out by Mikhail Zhlobitsky, a 17-year-old student, who detonated an improvised explosive device after entering the FSB building on the morning of 31 October 2018. Zhlobitsky died of his wounds shortly after setting off the device.

Following the initiation of the case, Kozak’s apartment was searched by police. The activist then left Russia.

Commenting on the accusations against him, Kozak explained that his comments did not explicitly endorse or appraise Zhlobitsky's actions, but only analyzed the reasons for what had happened.

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