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Meduza, Russia’s largest independent online media, labeled “undesirable organization” at home

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The Russian Prosecutor General's Office has labeled the activities of SIA Medusa Project (Meduza’s legal entity) “undesirable” in Russia. With a monthly audience of tens of millions, Meduza is by far Russia's largest independent online media currently offering extensive coverage of the war in Ukraine and Russia's domestic situation.

Earlier, the publication was tagged a “foreign agent”.

“A decision has been made on recognizing the activities of the foreign non-governmental organization SIA Medusa Project (registered in Latvia) undesirable in the Russian Federation,” the Prosecutor General's Office announced.

According to the supervisory body, Meduza's activities “threaten the foundations of the constitutional order and security of the Russian Federation.”

On earlier occasions, the Prosecutor General's Office also labeled several other independent media, such as The Insider, IStories, and Proekt, “undesirable organizations”.

Russia passed the law on «undesirable organizations» in 2015. The Prosecutor General's Office was vested with the authority to assign this status to any foreign or international NGO whose activities are deemed to present a threat to «the foundations of Russia's constitutional order, defense capabilities, or security». Membership in such an organization or cooperation with it is treated as a criminal offense and prosecuted accordingly. The offending organization's activities are effectively outlawed within the country.

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