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Netherlands ready to supply F-16 fighters to Ukraine and pay for Leopard 2 tanks

The Netherlands will consider delivering F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine if such a request comes from the Kyiv government, says Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra. According to the minister, the country has “no taboos” on the supply of conventional weapons.

At the same time, Dutch Defense Minister Caisa Ollongren says the country is ready to help pay for the Leopard 2 tanks that other countries are sending to Ukraine: “This is certainly something we are ready to do.”

Ukraine has long been asking for modern battle tanks. Poland and Finland are willing to send it German Leopard 2 tanks, but it requires German permission, and Berlin is hesitant.

Germany explains its reluctance to send tanks to Ukraine by its past.

“It would be easier for Berlin to send tanks to Ukraine if Washington does it first - because of Germany's past. You know our history, and we are a little more reluctant to do this [military equipment deliveries] for obvious reasons,” said Economy and Climate Issues Minister Robert Habeck.

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