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“Roaring in the background”: Time publishes top 100 photos of 2022, most are about Ukraine

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Time magazine has published its list of 100 photos that best described the year 2022. Most of the photos – exactly a quarter – are dedicated to Ukraine.

Some of the pictures show the bodies of Ukrainians killed by Russian strikes on peaceful cities, Irpin residents fleeing shelling, children dancing a waltz in front of fortifications in Odesa, and the defenders of Kyiv playing checkers with Molotov cocktails.

“It’s different this time. That was the sentiment humming in the background, and sometimes roaring quite loudly, throughout 2022,” Time wrote of its photo selection.

  • Ukrainian soldiers attend to a group of civilians, including Tetiana Perebyinis and her two children, who were mortally wounded by a Russian mortar round while they evacuated from Irpin, Ukraine, on March 6. A volunteer assisting the family was also killed.
  • Members the Territorial Defense Forces who guard a large checkpoint briefly played a game of checkers with Molotov cocktails, as seen on the eastern outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 5. With few vehicles passing because of the nighttime curfew, Territorial Defense members can have a moment of quiet while remaining on high alert for any suspicious activity.
  • The first patient to arrive at the main children’s hospital in Kyiv after the Russian invasion was a young boy named Semyon, photographed on Feb. 28. His family’s car had come under heavy fire, killing his parents and his sister. The boy later died.
  • A Ukrainian soldier helps Julia Pavliuk and her daughter Emma evacuate the Kyiv suburb of Irpin, Ukraine, which Russian forces have tried to seize as part of their push to encircle the capital on March 5.
  • Women mourn the death of their family member and conscript soldier Gasanbek Agabekov, who was killed in Ukraine the 27th of May, in Aglobi, Dagestan, Russia, on June 16. In Dagestan, family members of the deceased meet at regular intervals to grieve. An imam said that fifteen other men from Gasanbek’s area had died in the war. The republic that has seen the highest number of casualties in the war in Ukraine is also one of poorest republics in Russia.
  • The victim of a mortar attack in Bucha lies in her kitchen on April 6.
  • Mikhail Kulikov, a Russian soldier sentenced to 10 years in jail after he was found guilty of firing a tank at a multi-storey apartment building in the first days of the Ukraine war, at the court in Chernihiv on Aug. 4. He was the second Russian soldier convicted in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion.
  • Ukrainian emergency employees and volunteers carry an injured pregnant woman from a maternity hospital damaged by shelling in Mariupol, Ukraine, on March 9. The baby was born dead. Half an hour later, the mother died too.
  • School children at a concert rehearsal at the house of culture in Petrovskyi District, Donetsk, Ukraine, where the 2014 frontline is only a few miles away, on Feb. 17.
  • Civilian volunteers receive weapons, in a nationwide campaign to recruit, register and draft men for the war against Russia, in Fastiv, Ukraine, on Feb. 25.
  • A field covered with craters left by shelling, close to Izium, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, on Sept. 13.
  • Cadets practice an emergency situation during a lesson in a bomb shelter on the first day of school at a cadet lyceum in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Sept. 1.
  • A farm in Vilkhivka, Ukraine, pictured on May 14, lost 80 cows and 30 pigs during two months of Russian artillery shelling and occupation.
  • Family of Ukrainian soldier Ivan Lipskiy grieve at his casket during a military service of 5 Ukrainian soldiers in Odessa, Ukraine, on March 29. Lipskiy was killed on March 18 during a Russian airstrike that hit the 36th Ukrainian Naval Infantry Brigade killing more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Mykolaiv.
  • The dead bodies of soldiers are seen in a military vehicle on a road in the town of Bucha, close to the capital Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 1.
  • Ukrainians crowd under a destroyed bridge as they try to flee crossing the Irpin river in the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 5.
  • Inhabitants of Kyiv leave the city following pre-offensive missile strikes of the Russian armed forces and Belarus in Kyiv, Ukraine on Feb. 24.
  • Children play on destroyed Russian war equipment in front of St. Michael‘s Monastery in Kyiv, Ukraine, on June 12.
  • A woman and child peer out of the window of a bus as they leave Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region, Ukraine, on Feb. 24.
  • A bombed grain silo containing still burning grain inside in Zasillya, Ukraine, on July 16.
  • Volunteers at a library in central Lviv, Ukraine, weave camouflage nets to send to the soldiers on the front lines on March 7.
  • Serhii, father of teenager Iliya, cries on his son's lifeless body lying on a stretcher at a maternity hospital converted into a medical ward in Mariupol on March 2. Iliya was fatally wounded Wednesday while playing soccer in Mariupol when shelling started amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The explosive hit the soccer field near a school in the Azov Sea city.
  • Civilians sit aboard an evacuation train in Pokrovsk, Ukraine, on Sept. 28.
  • George Keburia says goodbye to his wife Maya and children as they board a train to Lviv at the Odessa train station in Odessa, Ukraine, on March 5.
  • School graduates dance by sandbags protecting the front of the Opera Theater for a video to be posted online, in Odesa, Ukraine, on June 15.

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