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Ukrainian MIA: Russia has hit 32k civilian targets in Ukraine since the war began, only 3% of attacks targeted military facilities

As a result of shelling and missile strikes, 32,000 civilian facilities and around 700 infrastructure elements have sustained damage in Ukraine since the war began, reports the First Deputy of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yevhen Yenin, as quoted by Hromadske.

Private houses and apartment buildings suffered the most destruction among civilian objects, Yenin said, while military facilities accounted for only 3% of the recorded shelling.

Infrastructure losses include airfields, bridges, oil depots, electrical substations, and more.

“The government is preparing for this kind of attack, and I know that most Ukrainians do the same. No one can break us,” Yenin added.

November 23 saw another Russian attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. The heavy shelling caused interruptions throughout all nuclear power plants controlled by Kyiv, with power units switched off at the South Ukraine NPP and the Khmelnytskyi NPP, and the Rivne NPP in emergency mode. Almost all regions of Ukraine have had emergency power cutoffs, with Kyiv left almost entirely without electricity. The Russian strikes also caused power outages in half of Moldova.

In total, the Russian military has already carried out seven large-scale missile attacks on energy infrastructure: October 10, 11, 17, and 31 and November 11, 15, and 23. On the afternoon of November 23, the air defense shot down five strike drones and 51 of about 70 missiles. Sixteen critical infrastructure facilities were hit, causing the government to introduce emergency blackouts across the country.

All over Ukraine, including Kyiv, the authorities have deployed “invincibility stations” where locals can get warm and charge their phones.

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